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The Inspire section serves as a thank you, resources, as well as a links page for sites in which I find are graphically amazing.

Thanks to the following people, because without there guidance and support I wouldn't be where I am:

My parents, family, and friends
Tim Scepansky
Dwight Dewerth-Pallmeyer
Rani Shah
Samuel Nalbone
Jeff Berlet
Ivan Kimmelman
and everyone at RXVP, Inc.
Gordon Cayce
Marcus Conge
Chris Jackson



This section is dedicated to resources, HTML, Javascript, Flash, etc. as well as software manufacturer links.

Resources contains almost every type of code you need, for any web based service you need. HTML, Javascript, backend, tutorials, it has it all.

HTML v.5
This is the direct link to the new "offical" guide for HTML. Now incorporates XHTML, DHTML, and CSS. Probably the best book available in regards to HTML.
Ready to move past HTML and add some spice to your website? This site contains almost every javascript code ever created.

Javascript Quickstart
Need a javascript book available at your side? The Javascript Quickstart Guide is one of the best in regards to Javascripts.
The best Flash resource. Period. Multiple Bulletin Boards, Tutorials updated on a near daily basis, free fonts, free loops, free source files are some of the multitude of things that they offer
Another excellent Flash resource. Contains tutorials, libraries, and forums among numerous other resources.

Mac Fonts
Need a pixelated font for a Flash Presentation or graphic project? How bout a fancy font for a print ad? This site has 'em. Numerous free fonts for the mac.


The source for Photoshop, Imageready, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, and GoLive

The home of Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director, Coldfusion and Freehand.

The Quark Express 5.0 Web Site.

BB Edit
The best web editor for the Internet, only available for the Mac.

Version Tracker
Need to find a product for your system? This web site lists every product out there, as well as providing links for freeware downloads, and reviews for products.

Amazing Design Reference Sites (check out the Ambush section)