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This is the collection of websites I have worked on since the beginning of my training. As you can see, with every website I am becoming more comfortable with developing tools, and design structure is improving with each one. Click on the screen shot to go to the particular website.

RXVP, Inc.:
This is my current place of employment. Paid internship, by far the toughest website to date, also the most fun to put together. Time completed: May to Sept 1, 2001.
Technologies used- Flash 4 and 5. Adobe Photoshop and Imageready. MP3 editing tools. JSP (Java Server Pages) for databasing. Javascript used.
Skywood Marble:
Skywood Marble is an emo band from Philadelphia, and they gave me full control of the site. I decided to do the site solely in flash 5. File size is real small considering images in the movie.
Technologies used- Flash 5, Actionscript. MP3 editing tools. Javascript.
Grimreaper Philly 2.0:
Grimreaper..Philly is my hardcore magazine basically ran by myself, aside from the showlist. Introduced some DHTML scripts. Problems in Netscape that I never had the time to fix. Version 3 is coming soon.
Technologies used- Flash 5, Actionscript. Adobe Imageready and Photoshop. DHTML and Javascript.
I was asked to redesign this site because the band had reformed after a breakup, however, they broke up soon after. I've always been pretty proud of this site. My first real website, with mouseovers and pop-up pictures.
Technologies used- Adobe Photoshop and Imageready. MP3 editing tools. Basic Javascript used.
This site was made as a final project in Basic Web Design, Completed Spring 2001. The premise was to create a company website. We chose an environmentally-conscious car company. Had a partner for this site.
Technologies used- Flash 5. Adobe Imageready and Photoshop.
Grimreaper Philly 1.0:
(NO LINK TO THIS SITE!!!)This was the first site I created, however lacked a lot of design, but it catapulted my interests in web design.
Technologies used- Adobe Imageready and Photoshop. Basic Javascript.